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Our technologies

EQUATOR is our innovative system that provides time-domain electromagnetics and high-precision magnetics. Some of its advantages are:
High efficiency: survey speed is up to 170km/hr;
Effectiveness in both conductive and resistive environments;
Deep penetration and at the same time low weight and power consumption.
The EM-4H is a cost effective conductivity mapping system that provides data of high quality due to
High performance(up to 100 line kilometers in a day);
The lowest transmitting frequency of any airborne frequency-domain systems (130 Hz) and the highest sensitivity of the receiver;
The EM-4H can be installed in a light helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft.
Cesium vapor magnetometer GT-MAG is provided in three modifications:
GT-MAG-2 for airborne surveys
GT-MVS for ground based geophysical surveys
base station GT-MVS-SB
The infrared scanner has been developed for airborne mapping of heat radiation from the earth’s surface. SCAN-T can solve wide range of problems such as
Monitoring of waterbodies (detecting of industrial leakage, monitoring of temperature variations, etc.)
Mapping and monitoring of various industrial and public utility infrastructures including power lines, oil and gas pipelines, heat water supplies
Analysis of soil humidity
Monitoring of animal population
NAVDAT is a software tool that provides navigation and data control solution for airborne survey systems employing one or more geophysical devices.
REINMAG is a new aeromagnetic compensation system developed on the base of classic Leliak aircraft magnetic-interference model and extended by stochastic process modelling magnetic field anomaly and magnetic field gradient.