LLC "Geotechnologies" is a leading Russian company in geophysical instrumentation providing sales and services for various types of application. Our specialists have many years' experience in development and service of geophysical equipment and software.

About us

Russian company Geotechnologies was founded in 2005.
Our company specializes in development of innovative technologies, hardware and software for geophysical and airborne surveys.
Experience of specialists
Specialist expertise
Our highly qualified developers work together for more than 15 years
Качество работ
Work perfomance
Results of our work are well known and widely used in many companies
Development flexibility
Development flexibility
We provide interesting,
extraordinary and smart technical solutions
We have tight contacts with scientific and manufacturing organizations

Operating results

Predictions obtained from the results of EQUATOR system work led to an increase in reserves of the
Ak-Sug porphyry copper deposit
During airborne geophysical surveys, 14 kimberlite pipes were discovered, one of which is diamond-bearing
As a result of work in Rwanda, a polymetallic Talnakh deposit was discovered at a depth of 98 meters
The Roman deposit was discovered on the Southern Yakutia territory
The hydrogeological problem has been solved in the Neretva River valley in Croatia
Roman gold ore deposit has 5 Moz by JORC

Our basic interests

Research and development of survey technologies
Development and production of geophysical equipment
Providing surveys including installation and adjustment of a survey system and data processing
Development of geophysical software
Support of various geophysical hardware and software
Modernization of geophysical equipment


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